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ChatGPT Awareness Program for Entrepreneurs

Program Date: 15th April 2023 (Saturday)

Time:  5:30 PM-7 PM IST

NextGenInnov8 Social Foundation in collaboration with the ASM group of Institutes to support the "Startup India initiative of the Government of India", brings the fabulous opportunity to Discover the Benefits of ChatGPT for Your Business.

About The Program

The ChatGPT Awareness Program for small entrepreneurs is a workshop-style program designed to educate and inform small business owners about the capabilities and benefits of using ChatGPT.

    Eligibility: Small entrepreneurs/business owners with basic entrepreneurial concepts

21 Jun 2024, 10:00 am IST
KLN Prasad Auditorium, FTCCI, Hyderabad
Free Registration! Limited Seats are available.
  • Frank is a seasoned IT strategy and governance professional with over six years of industry and research experience.

  • He excels in blending corporate strategy, digital transformation, and cultural challenges in the rapidly evolving world of work.

  • Frank’s clients benefit from his extensive engagement with small businesses, multinationals, and renowned research institutions worldwide.


Frank Kottler


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